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Meet the Amen Dental Team

We have devoted countless hours to continuing education in order to provide each patient with life changing smiles by providing the highest level of thorough and consistent professional care.

Our focus is on every aspect of our patients dental experience and believe through genuine communication a sense of comfort and trust is built. Our time is dedicated to help, serve and get to know our patients and treat them as if they were our family. We believe that a smile has the ability to radiate the essence of the person behind it.

Separately, this father and daughter team bring their own high caliber of experience and skill to the practice but together they work harmoniously to create the most exquisite and flawless smiles. Their blend of artistry and clinical excellence with an emphasis on function and beauty together combined with a warm, friendly and caring bedside manner will leave any patient smiling as they leave.

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We are a professional dental team dedicated to helping our patients achieve and maintain their optimal dental health. We listen to our patients, committed to always striving to exceed our patients expectations. We will treat them with honesty, care and respect. In this pursuit we are unwilling to compromise our values. Through the sharing of this mission we will enhance the lives of our patients and build lasting relationships based upon mutual trust.


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